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MetaverseA new 3d map in the metaverse, by Peer

A new 3d map in the metaverse, by Peer

Peer, a web3 metaverse and social network startup, is boosting its capabilities by adding the engineering team from Zenly, a 3D social maps platform acquired by Snap. Led by Milan Bulat, the Wonka team’s mission is to create AI-driven 3D maps covering the entire world for Peer’s augmented reality (AR) social networking.

The goal is to integrate AR, AI, and blockchain, forming a global 3D map. Users in Peer’s AR world will build a personalized “places graph” to navigate and share experiences. Peer’s blockchain, claiming to be the world’s first vertically integrated stack, features a patented proof-of-activity algorithm for millions of transactions per second, supporting its native token, PMC.

In Peer’s AR universe, users control their digital identities (DFIs) through Decentralized Federated Identities. The Wonka team, known for Zenly’s work, brings unique talents to help Peer. Zenly, despite its large user base, was shut down by Snap, leading its users to anticipate migrating to Peer.

Peer aims to launch its gamified 3D map-based social network in Q2, available on Android and iOS, with a dedicated virtual reality headset planned for later. Early access and exclusive rewards can be secured by signing up on Peer’s website. Milan Bulat, Head of Maps, is confident that Peer will transform how people experience the world, offering beloved Zenly features on an advanced platform.

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