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AIAI-Generative Art: The Model That Turns Rookie Artists into Wizards Overnight

AI-Generative Art: The Model That Turns Rookie Artists into Wizards Overnight

Finally, with artificial intelligence, you don’t need to have the dedication and expertise of Michelangelo to bring fascinating worlds to life. Non-fungible tokens were the most popular search item in 2021. According to data from Google trends, global searches for the term “NFT” were more than that for “crypto.” Also, the sales of NFTs got to $25 billion in 2021. This makes the sector one of the most popular in the crypto space with art NFTs making significant impact.

“The human needs the algorithm and the algorithm needs the human” -Anonymous

Rare Digital Gems (AI-Generative Art)

NFTs enable collectors to own rare digital gems through the underlying blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrencies. Various forms of art can be made into NFTs. Tweets, music, memes, and many other digital assets can be owned through NFTs. They also find utility in gaming as face cards, as ticket to events, memberships, etc. The possibilities of buying and selling digital assets are endless.

Although much of the crypto art scene seems to be dominate with cartoon themes and memes. For example, projects like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club grabbed the spotlight. In spite of these, a new category of NFTs is taking the center stage. These are taking advantage of advanced technologies and the human imagination.

The artist’s new role has more to do with data collection, writing code, and creating themes by inspiration. It is more of teaching an algorithm. The result is a dynamic and collaborative outcome. You don’t have to be a great graphic designer to come up with interesting designs. With artificial intelligence, you can get really fascinating and interesting results when you put in datasets. All the cleanup background action happens beforehand and the output is fresh from the network. No member of your NFT art project needs to be proficient as a graphic designer or photoshop wizard. They completely reliant on ai tools to make their drawings.

AI-generative NFTs Become a new art category

To create AI generative NFTs, you would use generative adversarial networks (GANs). These are algorithms that train models to produce machine-made images which look like art. AI-generated NFT art is a relatively new category.

To create AI-generated art, artists leverage different text-to-art generators. One of such is call “Eponym,” developed by the company Art AI. The tool allows users to make art based on text. The text forms the context for the art that is generate. They can then go further to mint the art directly to OpenSea.

Taking the world by storm

Generative arts and NFT are taking the world by storm. OpenAI’s breakthrough has opened up a new frontier in text-to-image generation. Earlier in the year, OpenAI announced a powerful text-to-image generator known as DALL-E. It works very well. To illustrate how DALL-E works, you can give a text prompt that would serve as a theme for the artwork. For instance, the text “a high-quality illustration of a giraffe dragon chimera” would give images with a resemblance of a giraffe made of a dragon.

Unfortunately, the technology was not made available to the public. Yet, the model behind the DALL-E technology, CLIP was publish. CLIP is a network that combines text and images. Within the framework, there is an algorithm that scores how well an image matches a caption. This steers the generator to produce an image that exactly matches the text input or caption.

How does it work?

The model CLIP ranks the different images generated from the caption by assigning a score. It then presents as output the image with the highest score. This is the secret behind the high quality of the art that is produced with CLIP technology.

Recently, more powerful transformer image generator call VQGAN (Vector Quantized GAN) was publish. The NFT community has create many great artworks since this new image generator make public. Today, there are two options- the code-heavy option, and the no-code alternative. With no-code, you can use AI to bring your ideas to life. It is an experience like no other. It boosts creativity in a way that gives freedom. The type of play that brings back the memories and creativity of a child playing with Legos and bringing fascinating structures to life.

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