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GadgetsApple Vision Pro Drop Test: Durability Revealed as Protective Glass Cracks, Functionality...

Apple Vision Pro Drop Test: Durability Revealed as Protective Glass Cracks, Functionality Persists

YouTube Blogger Puts Apple’s Newest Headset to the Test

A recent video posted by the AppleTrack YouTube channel showcases a durability test of the latest Apple Vision Pro headset. The blogger subjected the device to multiple drops from heights ranging between 2.5 to 3 meters, putting the protective glass of the front display to the ultimate challenge. Despite the glass shattering significantly from the fall, the headset remains functional.

Rigorous Drop Tests

The video blogger conducted a series of experiments, dropping the Vision Pro onto the floor and colliding it against walls while wearing a helmet. After four drops from the height of an average person, the headset exhibited a minor chip and a torn strap.

However, when the device plummeted from a height of 2.5 to 3 meters, the protective glass suffered severe damage. Despite the extensive cracks, the video’s creator simply removed the damaged glass, and surprisingly, the headset continued to function seamlessly. Notably, all sensors, speakers, cameras, and the eye scanner maintained their functionality throughout the test.

Repair Costs and AppleCare Plus

While the Apple Vision Pro proved resilient in terms of functionality, repairing the protective glass comes with a hefty price tag. The cost of replacing the headset’s protective glass aligns with the device’s retail price, amounting to $799 for users without an AppleCare Plus subscription. Repairing other damages to the headset may escalate costs to $2399, and even with AppleCare Plus, each incident incurs a minimum fee of $299. The base price for the Vision Pro headset starts at $3499.

Implications for Users

The drop test results suggest that while the Apple Vision Pro may withstand typical wear and tear, users should be cautious of potential high falls. The repair costs associated with the protective glass emphasize the importance of investing in an AppleCare Plus subscription to mitigate potential expenses.

In conclusion, the durability of the Apple Vision Pro remains a focal point for users, urging them to balance the device’s resilience with the potential costs of repairs.

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