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Alessandro Civati

Entrepreneur and IT enthusiast, he has been dealing with new technologies and innovation for over 20 years. Field experience alongside the largest companies in the IT and Industrial sector - such as Siemens, GE, or Honeywell - he has worked for years between Europe and Africa, today focusing his energies in the field of Certification and Data Traceability, using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. At the head of the LutinX project, he is now involved in supporting companies and public administration in the digital transition. Thanks to his activities carried out in Africa, in the governmental sphere, and subsequently, as a consultant for the United Nations and the International Civil Protection. The voluntary work carried out in various humanitarian missions carried out in West Africa in support of the poorest populations completes his profile. He has invested in the creation of centers for infancy and newborn clinics, in the construction of wells for drinking water, and in the creation of clinics for the fight against diabetes.

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