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BlockchainBitcoin Developers Introduce BRC69 Standard for Cost-Saving NFTs

Bitcoin Developers Introduce BRC69 Standard for Cost-Saving NFTs

Introducing the BRC69 Standard

Bitcoin’s Ordinals launch platform, Luminex, recently unveiled the BRC69 standard, aimed at revolutionizing the creation of Recursive Ordinals collections and slashing costs associated with pre-launching NFTs on the network. The groundbreaking standard offers a streamlined approach and reduces token issuance fees by an impressive 90%. The announcement was made by project representatives on Twitter.

“Today, we are pleased to introduce BRC69, a revolutionary standard for the easy creation of Recursive Ordinals collections. This standard will facilitate the launch of recursive collections on bitcoin. The genius of BRC69 lies in its simplicity.”

Simplicity and Cost Efficiency

Luminex aims to address the growing concern over rising transaction costs by implementing lower minting fees through the BRC69 standard. This will facilitate the expansion of ordinals on the network. With just one line of text, users can issue NFTs without the need to include an image on the Bitcoin blockchain. Miners stand to benefit from significant fee savings as a result.

Seamless Conversion and Storage

Upon issuance, the BRC69 standard automatically converts the text into an image across all compatible interfaces. Each NFT receives a unique serial number in line with the Satoshi (order) standard. Additionally, BRC-69 allows users to store bitcoin NFTs in a standard image format, further enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Managing Demand and Network Load

While the potential fee reduction offered by the BRC69 standard is promising, its effectiveness in real-world scenarios depends on the demand for NFTs. May witnessed unprecedented activity on the Bitcoin network, with transaction volumes surpassing $30. This surge was driven by the popularity of Bitcoin NFTs and memecoins based on the BRC-20 standard. Recognizing the strain these memecoins placed on the BTC network, Bitcoin coders took appropriate action by removing them. Bitcoin’s intended purpose was never to serve as a base layer for memo tokens, as these assets largely lack utility and burden the network.

Optimizing NFT Creation on Bitcoin

The introduction of the BRC69 standard represents a significant step forward in the optimization of NFT creation on the Bitcoin network. By drastically reducing token issuance fees and simplifying the process, Luminex hopes to foster the growth of Recursive Ordinals collections. The streamlined approach enables users to issue NFTs effortlessly while generating substantial cost savings for miners.

Looking ahead, the industry will closely monitor the impact of the BRC69 standard on fee reduction and network efficiency. With Bitcoin’s ever-increasing popularity and the surging demand for NFTs, it remains to be seen how this innovative standard will shape the future of NFT creation on the Bitcoin network.

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