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FoodCombatting Food Waste Through Innovation

Combatting Food Waste Through Innovation

Addressing food wastage is a crucial element in the global endeavor to combat food insecurity and reduce the environmental impact associated with the food industry. Both food entrepreneurs and major corporations are increasingly prioritizing food waste reduction, viewing it as a key strategy for achieving sustainability and cutting operational costs. The adoption of advanced food monitoring solutions is empowering food producers, restaurants, and smart cities to proactively tackle and minimize food waste.

A noteworthy trend is the growing emphasis on zero-waste approaches in food manufacturing, which focuses on upcycling and reusing food waste to create value and resonate with environmentally-conscious consumers. An illustrative example of this shift is the rise of 3D food printing solutions that utilize food waste to produce edible food products. These innovative methods effectively curb food waste at restaurants and other food outlets while promoting sustainability.

Smart Food Waste Tracker by Lumitics
Singaporean startup Lumitics is at the forefront of food waste reduction with its smart food waste tracker, Insight. This innovative solution employs proprietary AI-based image recognition technology, providing chefs with valuable insights into food waste. By fostering feedback loops based on customer preferences, Lumitics empowers restaurants and food establishments to optimize production and tailor menus effectively, thus reducing food waste and costs. Lumitics’ Insight is making a positive impact in diverse settings such as hotels, airplanes, cruise ships, and more.

Connecting Surplus Food to Local Charities with Food Drop
British startup Food Drop is tackling food waste by connecting stores with unsold or surplus food to local charities, schools, and community groups. The online platform facilitates the sign-up of stores and charities, efficiently matching them to ensure a streamlined process. Food Drop’s automated platform ensures a steady supply of charities to collect surplus food from stores, and in case of unavailability, real-time notifications are provided. This solution not only minimizes food waste but also contributes to carbon savings. Food Drop’s commitment to transparency is evident in its provision of monthly reports on donated food and associated carbon savings.

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