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BlockchainCrypto Expo Milan (CEM) 2022 - A successful Italian event in the...

Crypto Expo Milan (CEM) 2022 – A successful Italian event in the Blockchain world.

Crypto Expo Milan (CEM), the international conference specifically dedicated to Crypto and Blockchain industry professionals, announced its first edition to take place from 23rd to 26th June 2022. The four-day event is dedicated to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, DeFi, and Web3.0 And NFT is organized by innovative technology companies, industry-leading figures, and organizations.

The event is scheduled at Studio 90 around Milan Linage Airport, including its hotel and shuttle services. Two thousand attendees are expected to attend the event with an extensive educational workshop. A group of Crypto and Blockchain opinion leaders, experts, influencers, and executives. Of noteworthy Italy-based and Blockchain companies will shed more light on various topics.

CEM is focusing this program on panels, keynotes, and workshops to educate and unveil discoveries. To newbies and veterans in the Crypto and Blockchain world. Newcomers and veterans will have much to learn from the program, as topics on decentralized finance, emerging new models such as decentralized autonomous organization, and metaverse will be discussed by the international speaker of technology, business, and finance sector.

Several Blockchain public figures commented on the event.

According to Cristian Onto, the co-founder of CEM:

The shift from web 2.0 to web 3.0 is realized right now. Events such as CEM facilitate connections between beginners, veterans and industry experts, companies, and emerging technological organizations. Essential appointments to spread knowledge and facilitate global adoption.

Florin Simovici, the co-founder of CEM, gave his opinion and said:

In my opinion, Blockchain is the biggest game-changer technology since the invention of the internet. We are prepared to welcome crypto enthusiasts and prominent global figures to intensively discuss important facts on the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry as the market grows with the speed of light.

Valeria Pagan, the co-Founder of CEM, also contributed to the talk. She said:

We are glad to join forces with such an important and ambitious corporate group, with which we share the same values, and thanks to which we will be able to create a series of international events with real added value for the whole Blockchain and Crypto industry. The CEM will be the first event of a long series to be held in Milan and other countries. We will help the understanding of technology and financial issues to improve people’s lives with the adoption of Blockchain technology.

Mickael Mosse, the founder of my Neo Group, also made a statement saying:

The Blockchain world develops at an unimaginable speed. I have never seen a technology that moves towards global adoption with this speed. Hundreds of projects are born every day, many bring innovation and solve real social problems, but unfortunately, there are still projects with a different purpose: to deceive people. For this reason, My Neo Group unites the forces with the Crypto Expo, Milan, in the authoritative mission of giving credibility and educating the world public to use blockchain technology, informing with the contribution of selected opinion leaders on the main topics related to Crypto, Metaverse, NFT and Web 3.0.

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