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Women In BlockchainDecoding Tech Empowerment: A Feminist Analysis of Women in Blockchain Meetups, Conferences,...

Decoding Tech Empowerment: A Feminist Analysis of Women in Blockchain Meetups, Conferences, and Hackathons

Abstract Analysis:

This study presents a technofeminist discourse analysis focusing on gender disparities in the blockchain industry, specifically examining the dynamics within ‘meetups,’ conferences, and hackathons. The research, conducted through participant observations and interviews with women in the industry, sheds light on the impact of gender power relations in various blockchain scenes. The analysis introduces three discursive frames to understand the complexities of women’s participation in these settings: 

1. Gender-Blind Meritocracy:

   – This frame suggests that some blockchain scenes uphold the notion of a gender-blind meritocracy, emphasizing merit-based recognition irrespective of gender. The study likely explores how effective or flawed this approach is in addressing gender disparities within the industry.

2. Lean into Blockchain:

   – ‘Lean into blockchain’ seems to be another discursive frame, indicating a stance where women actively engage with blockchain technology. The analysis likely explores the challenges and opportunities associated with women embracing blockchain and the implications for their participation in related events.

3. Intersectional Inclusion:

   – The third frame, ‘intersectional inclusion,’ suggests a more nuanced approach that considers the intersectionality of identities, acknowledging that gender disparities intersect with other social factors. The study may explore how an intersectional lens can enhance inclusivity within blockchain scenes.The study’s qualitative methodology, combining participant observations and interviews, provides a rich understanding of the nuanced experiences of women in the blockchain industry. By proposing these discursive frames, the research aims to contribute valuable insights into the complexities surrounding gender dynamics within blockchain-related events.

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