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AIDelta Air Lines Chief Information Officer: 'Digital Integration Across Every Aspect of...

Delta Air Lines Chief Information Officer: ‘Digital Integration Across Every Aspect of Our Operations’

Delta Air Lines, under the leadership of CIO Rahul Samant, is undergoing a digital transformation with a focus on collaboration and talent. Samant, overseeing a 2,500-person IT team, aims to equip frontline employees with tools for personalized customer engagement. The collaboration with Chief Digital Officer Eric Phillips accelerates enterprise transformation, emphasizing connected customer experiences and business-IT alignment.

Delta’s talent development spans beyond IT, encompassing analytics training and a digital fluency program. Reskilling the IT workforce in digital skills like DevOps and microservices is a priority. Soft skills, particularly emotional intelligence, are valued for organizational adaptation.

Migration to the public cloud, led by a centralized team and IT directors, is a significant initiative, empowering directors to drive migration. Delta views its people as a foundational competitive advantage, emphasizing a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.

Samant sees AI’s impact growing within a culture of continuous learning and innovation. Delta’s strategic focus is on leveraging technology for an enhanced customer experience, driven by a collaborative and skilled workforce.

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