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Women In BlockchainDiversity Spotlight at Global Blockchain Summit: Launch of 'Global Women in Blockchain'...

Diversity Spotlight at Global Blockchain Summit: Launch of ‘Global Women in Blockchain’ Panel and Formal US Introduction of GWB

Key Points:

Global Women in Blockchain (GWB) Overview:

  – GWB is the first international umbrella organization aiming to activate and accelerate partnerships among women in the blockchain sector.

  – Non-profit in nature, with a focus on injecting diversity into the tech industry and empowering women through various channels.

  – Objectives include leading in blockchain education, development, and promotion.

  – Aspires to have at least one female delegate per country, fostering an ecosystem of trust, support, inclusion, conscious leadership, and socio-economic advancement.

Launch at Global Blockchain Summit (GBS):

  – The formal US launch of GWB took place in Denver, Colorado, at the Global Blockchain Summit on April 19th & 20th, 2018.

  – The launch was featured in an upcoming documentary focusing on GWB as an organization and part of the women in tech social movement.

  – Shaun Frankson, co-founder of The Plastic Bank, was a keynote speaker at the Summit.

  – Nina Nichols, GWB founder, made an exciting announcement live on stage.

Prominent Women Speakers at GBS:

  – The GBS, focusing on diversity, equality, and women in blockchain, featured a lineup of internationally renowned blockchain experts.

  – Some notable women speakers (many of whom are GWB members) included:

    – Youngsook Park, Co-Chair of the Global ICO Association and Chair of GWB South Korea

    – Carolina Abenante, Founder of NYIAX

    – Eileen Quenin, VP Disney’s Dragonchain

    – Raine Revere, Co-founder of Maiden and former Lead Architect ShapeShift Prism

    – Juliet Annerino, Founder ReputationCheck.io

    – Pamela Norton, Founder and CEO of Borsetta

    – Emily, CMO of ShapeShift

    – Kristen Ragusin, SVP & Wealth Management Advisor Merrill Lynch

    – Yev Muchnik, EsqLegal & Nomos

    – Mila Popovich, Global Chair GWB, Chair World Academy of Arts & Science

GWB Launch Activities:

  – Dr. Youngsook Park, a GWB Advisor and South Korea Chair, flew in from Seoul along with her Korean delegation for the launch.

  – Mila Popovich, GWB Global Chair, announced GWB’s Asian launch at the Global Leaders Summit in Seoul.

Global Blockchain Summit Co-founder’s Perspective:

  – Global Blockchain Summit co-founder John Carpenter emphasized the transformative role of women in the blockchain revolution.

  – The summit aimed to connect individuals applying blockchain to drive positive changes in their respective sectors.

Discount Offer:

  – Summit attendees were offered a 40% discount on ticket prices for the Global Blockchain Summit using the code GWB.

GWB Breakfast Event:

  – GWB hosted a breakfast event sponsored by NYIAX, co-founded by Carolina Abenante, a GWB Advisor.

Overall Impact:

  – GWB seeks to serve as a global aggregator for women leaders in the blockchain space, providing a platform for sharing, learning, and expanding roles in the industry.

This summary highlights the key aspects of GWB’s launch at the Global Blockchain Summit, featuring prominent women speakers and a focus on diversity and empowerment in the blockchain sector.

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