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ESportsE-sports: Fighting Games Basics

E-sports: Fighting Games Basics


A fascinating ecology exists in the world of fighting games. During the 30 years, fighting games have played a part in the gaming industry. Many games released, and revisions and developments in numerous competitions. The words use in fighting games, like positioning, punishing, blocking, and poking, are highly sophisticate. These terminologies may all make sense to experienced fighting game experts, but they may positively perplex newcomers to the genre. So, in order to assist any beginners who may be intereste in diving into the thrilling world of arcade fighters. We’ve put up a quick guide of basic fighting games.

fighting games basics

Fighting Games Basic Things need to know


 In order to learn how to block well, you must first comprehend the various features of assaults seen in FGs. High strikes may be deflecte when standing or crouching and dodged by simply crouching. Crouching is required to block low assaults. Mid attacks can be deflecte while standing or crouching, but only crouching will allow you to avoid them. Unblockable attacks can’t be stop, so they have to be avoide.

Taking turns

No matter how chaotic they appear, there is an order to things, and everyone gets their turn. You risk getting punished if you do not “respect” turns. There is generally a short window to reclaim your turn before it becomes a ‘free for all.’ An impartial, both parties are free to take their ‘turn’ at the exact/any moment, while in attack, the effective attacker is rewarded with another turn. At the same time, the defense must wait for the aggressor’s attack to expire before taking his/her turn.


Positional awareness and mobility are essential since your location on the screen dictates which attack possibilities are available to you and your opponent at any moment. You can be near your opponent, at medium range, far away, full screen, or flying at any of the above ranges. Therefore you always need to move in a perfect location on the screen where you have the best advantage over your opponent and move continually to throw off your opponent’s aim.


Poking entails employing your quickest, most accurate, and safest strikes/attacks to protect and control the space between you and your enemy. Pokes are relatively safe even when stopped at point-blank range, and they are tough to penalize on a whiff (miss their target).


Punishing refers to capitalizing on possibilities to impose guaranteed damage on your enemy when they engage in a punishable activity. For example, a boxer hitting a right hook at a rival and losing while inside the opponent’s attack range places them in an unsecured scenario for a brief period.

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