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Editorial policy

ZugTimes Mission

A reliable media platform for blockchain news, insights and analysis, ZugTimes mission is To educate and create awareness about the latest blockchain developments by providing the most relevant, latest and accurate updates in the blockchain ecosystem. To serve as an international platform for blockhain followers, investors, founders, etc to synergize and expand the blockchain community.

Ownership and independence

ZugTimes can invest and have stakes in a blockchain startups or cryptocurrencies operated in Fintech industry. ZugTimes is an independent platform and runs its operations separately, no interference or intervention is allowed in editorial operations from key decision makers of the parent company or any external influencers.

Further, ZugTimes staff do not have any knowledge nonpublic information of the parent company, keeping the editorial decisions unbiased and transparent. Our editorial content and publications can impact the movement of cryptocurrency and ZugTimes team is not responsible for any loss for any individual or institution. Readers should be aware that this content can impact their investments and ZugTimes is not responsible for anything.

Journalistic principles

We work on FAT principle – Fairness, Accuracy and Transparency. We strive to be a responsible news reporting platform with the main focus on publishing original news. Moreover, we take utmost care while reviewing and corroborating information from other sources. The editorial team of ZugTimes works independently, with no bias and preserves journalist integrity.

All editorial team members and freelance writers for ZugTimes are required to acknowledge the undertaking of their involvement in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. ZugTimes can feature sponsored stories as a part of paid service.

All the views and opinions presented in any of the article published on Blockchain Magazine platform are not ZugTimes views and has no bearing on ZugTimes . As an organization, we do not advice on any given cryptocurrency or blockchain project, though our outside opinion contributors may express their own opinions and we have no binding on them. However, we have specific guidelines for our contributors and the same are reviewed and update periodically.

Revenue Model

ZugTimes earns revenue from sponsored posts, workshops, seminars, events, research and advertising.

ZugTimes do not trade in in the cryptocurrency markets.

ZugTimes focus on educational model to spread awareness about Blockchain trends among large community. We also help researchers and professors on their research in the field of Fintech on chargeable basis.

Blockchains & Artificial Intelligence together in a single place.

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