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FoodElevating Assurance: A Focus on Prioritizing Food Safety and Transparency

Elevating Assurance: A Focus on Prioritizing Food Safety and Transparency

Increasingly, consumers prioritize the quality and safety of food products, leading to heightened concerns. To address these concerns, consumers now have access to smart labels and standalone food grading devices, empowering them to make informed decisions when choosing food items. Advancements in blockchain technology and real-time food monitoring through Internet of Things (IoT) devices allow food brands to offer comprehensive end-to-end traceability.

Startups are playing a pivotal role in enhancing food safety and transparency by creating cost-effective and scalable monitoring solutions. These innovations build trust between food producers and consumers, bolstering brand credibility and sales. Startups are also instrumental in driving continuous improvement in food safety practices and providing consumers with reliable information about the products they consume.

Cleaning Protocol Scanning by Thrasos
French startup Thrasos offers an AI-based solution to scan cleaning protocols in food production lines. Their food safety management system, utilizing a deep learning network, analyzes various food safety parameters to validate the compliance of hygiene procedures. This approach allows food businesses to use food safety management as a service, monitor and assess cleaning operations, ensuring food-safe production lines and improving customer safety.

Seafood Traceability Software by ThisFish
Canadian startup ThisFish develops Tally, a software solution for seafood traceability. Tally digitizes data collection in real-time on the food manufacturing floor using electronic scales, barcode printers, and scanners. It enables seafood manufacturers to upload catch certificates and compliance documents, strengthening traceability, eliminating data errors, and building trust among customers. ThisFish helps seafood producers streamline operations for overall cost reduction, from fleet management and port unloading to production and quality control.

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