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NFT TrendsEmpowering Women in Web3: How NFTs are Changing the Game

Empowering Women in Web3: How NFTs are Changing the Game

The rise of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) has provided a new avenue for women’s voices to be heard in the Web3 community. NFTs are unique digital assets that allow creators to sell their work on the blockchain. This March, Melissa Jun Rowley, founder and CEO of Warrior Love Productions, introduced a new NFT collection on the SOLIS Market named HerVoice.

HerVoice Collection

The HerVoice collection comprises animations created by CreativeAya. The team used AI to process still images of choreography by Ty “Crux” Jones-Bain and Nneka “Delacyn” Irobunda. Additionally, 26 women who are active leaders in the Web3 industry, art, and social innovation contributed to the collection as narrators of the poem. A total of 21 countries are represented in this digital artwork, and a total of 10 different languages are spoken in the art pieces.

Promoting Women Activists and Community Leaders

The revenue from NFT sales in the HerVoice collection will go toward Web3 education events held by Warrior Love Productions and programs supporting women and girls as agents of change from the international nonprofit CARE. CARE operates in more than 100 countries and measures its programs’ impact based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This collection not only highlights women’s presence in Web3 but also uses digital assets as a vehicle for the public good.

World of Women (WoW)

Another example of promoting women in Web3 is World of Women (WoW), a global community built around the original collection of 10,000 NFTs designed by artist Yam Karkai. The first collection consists of empowering depictions of diverse female avatars celebrating WoW’s mission of diversity and promoting equal opportunity in Web3. WoW has received support from prominent NFT influencers, including Gary Vaynerchuck, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Aoki.

The WoW team dropped a second collection of 22,222 NFTs known as WoW Galaxy in March 2022. The NFT collection is accompanied by a new interactive storyline that involves a cryptic message sent to the WoW Assembly of Women. The message helps them discover a new planet known as Nova Gaïa. WoW community members enjoy a lot of exclusive perks, such as tickets to Madonna’s concert, virtual property in the metaverse, gamified social media experiences, and branded merchandise created within high-profile partnerships, collaborations, and special projects.


Web3 is still a predominantly male-dominated industry, which is not good for the segment’s growth and its creative opportunities. However, due to passionate female-led Web3 grassroots organizations and communities, the industry has all the chances to increase diversity and promote inclusion. NFTs have provided a platform for promoting women’s presence and contribution in Web3, and collections such as HerVoice and WoW are great examples of using digital assets for social good.

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