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BlockchainFortnite: Building Returns on Public Matches

Fortnite: Building Returns on Public Matches

Epic Games removed the building mechanics, but later added a separate “Zero Build” mode. In this mode, you could play without any of the construction elements. The addition of the new mode surprised some long-time fans, but it also breathed new life into the scene. Building the improvised structures, it turns out, can be intimidating for those who haven’t had a lot of practice. And now, with Zero Build, I can confidently state: I understand the hype.

There is something for everyone

Fortnite is currently one of the best games available. Epic Games has boldly removed the game’s basic building mechanics. The risky move paid off in the end, as players embraced the change. Content creators who had previously switched games returned to Fortnite and enjoyed the zero build.

It seemed inevitable that the developers would create a playlist for Zero Build, which came to fruition. The last stone to fall was the return of classic build mode. Today Epic Games brought back the building; Players now have the option to build or not to build. After a significant delay following the release of Zero Build mode, default Fortnite playlists have returned. Epic Games released a tweet informing players that they can now play Fortnite however they please. Whether you want to build or not, there is something for everyone.

More options

In Fortnite, you can participate solo or in teams of up to four in a battle royale scenario where the last warrior (or giant banana) standing wins. Fortnite becomes a “regular” shooter without the building mechanic. I use quotation marks because the game is as cartoony as ever, and it doesn’t feel at all cliche. The game is garish and completely insane, presenting an unending fever dream of playful scenarios.

Aside from the building aspect, both game modes provide a similar story. Irrespective of your path, you can still discover the new Tactical Sprint and Mantle mechanics. It will be interesting to see what preferences the players have. Many content creators prefer Zero Build because it is more forgiving and requires little mechanical skill. It is unknown whether Fortnite Zero Build will be maintained after Chapter 3 Season 2. Epic’s decision to keep zero-build as an option, on the other hand, should give you an idea; there are groups of players who prefer the new game mode. Developers would be wise to keep it as an option given the overwhelming positive response.

Finally, we must wait and see because Epic has made the decision.

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