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Decentralized EducationInnovative Approaches to Life, Income, and Education Models

Innovative Approaches to Life, Income, and Education Models

City DAO, Dream DAO, and Ed3 DAO are pioneering decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) with distinct missions:

  1. City DAO: Aims to cooperatively purchase land and build an on-chain, community-governed crypto city. It envisions transparent, efficient, and bureaucracy-free processes for permits, budgets, laws, deeds, and records. Members contribute through bounties and are developing a decentralized schooling model.
  2. Dream DAO: Designed for high school students, Dream DAO empowers GenZ to control their learning and careers. Members create opportunities to learn about web3 and contribute to projects focused on climate impact, sustainability, education, and gender equality.
  3. Ed3 DAO: Empowers global educators to drive innovation at scale. It focuses on education in web3 principles and practices, employing a holacracy model. Ed3 DAO plans to educate 1 million educators, host a virtual web3 education conference, and build an accelerator for educators to prototype solutions.

Phase 1: Education Ed3 DAO aims to educate 1 million educators in web3 principles and practices. Courses on blockchain, NFTs, smart contracts, and virtual reality, coupled with principles like critical thinking and decentralized systems, will be offered.
Phase 2: Acceleration Anticipating educators taking action, Ed3 DAO plans an accelerator for educators to prototype solutions in micro-schools, edtech products, and education services using web3 tools and principles.
Phase 3: Research & Iteration To assess impact, Ed3 DAO will conduct a detailed study after the first two phases, reviewing accomplishments and making necessary changes for scalability and learning from successes and mistakes.

Human-Centered Systems
The ultimate goal is to decentralize organizations, promoting independence and human-centered models. While challenges exist, the shift towards web3 signifies a move away from compliance-driven systems to those that prioritize individual needs and innovation in the education sector.

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