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Data AnalyticsLeveraging Cloud Computing forCompetitive Advantage

Leveraging Cloud Computing for
Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

There is a drive towards moving applications to the cloud. A Leveraging Cloud Computing journey involves moving business operations to a facility accessed through the internet. Scalability, cost-efficiency, and performance are some of the benefits businesses get when they take advantage of cloud computing.

Increasingly companies are starting to see the benefits of outsourcing their infrastructure. Cloud
infrastructure providers such as Amazon continue to improve their services. They do this to be able to
cater to the growing need of organizations for cloud infrastructure.

Improvement in services:

With improvements in the service of public cloud providers, organizations are able to have a structure
that is relatively inexpensive. In the past, these were reserved for large enterprises that could afford
sophisticated infrastructure. This would only have been possible with a combination of dedicated servers
and load balancers that are hosted on-premise.

Moreover, you can almost guarantee that it would have been more costly to set up and more difficult to
maintain. And the result would not be comparable with what you get with cloud infrastructure.
Monitoring infrastructure for performance has become easier. With better tools and services like
Cloudwatch you can get a detailed view of the state of your infrastructure. There would be minimal
difficulty or delay.

Leveraging Cloud Computing
Leveraging Cloud Computing

In-built security Cloud Computing:

For small and medium enterprises, keeping abreast of the latest security exploits is a great challenge. In
terms of infrastructure exploit, there has been an increase in the number of exploits that come up on daily
basis. Resolving this would take a full-time job for dedicated security staff. With cloud infrastructure, you
do not need to worry about managing devices. Or maintaining the security of your service because this is
already done for you by the cloud service providers.

Private cloud or hybrid cloud

If you are using a private cloud or hybrid cloud
or public cloud, the provider has the responsibility to manage the security. So, for small and medium
enterprises they have one less thing to worry about. They are able to focus on the core of their business


Gone are the days when you will have to buy or rent servers that had more capacity than you need it. However, You would have had to make decisions on things like projected growth and resource utilization with time.
More often, it is difficult to accurately project the infrastructure needs. So, the organization ends up paying
for more infrastructure than needed. They are often left with storage servers and load balancers that have
become obsolete either because they are outdated, or the manufacturer has come up with an upgrade
and these are no longer useful.

Conclusion of Competitive Advantage Leveraging Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing has become a major force and enabler for businesses across different industries. It has
a promise to deliver better applications and infrastructure in a cheap and effective way.
Based on these points listed above, businesses can no longer ignore learning about how the cloud works.
Besides, they need to know how they can leverage it for more efficiency. It would be a game-changer for
them and level the playing field by connecting to some of the facilities that large enterprises use

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