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FoodLuxury robot showroom opened in London by Moley Robotics

Luxury robot showroom opened in London by Moley Robotics

Moley Robotics, a pioneer in culinary automation design, has unveiled what it asserts is the world’s inaugural luxury robot kitchen showroom in London, situated at 16 Wigmore Street. This move represents a significant milestone in the convergence of technology and gastronomy, offering a firsthand encounter with the future of automated cooking poised to transform the culinary landscape.

The showroom stands as a testament to Moley’s dedication to revolutionizing our perception and engagement with cooking. Described as an immersive and interactive space, it showcases the advanced cooking capabilities of Moley’s robotic kitchens, featuring distinctive designs crafted from premium materials such as Glacier White Corian, Patagonian marble, and high gloss Eucalyptus wood panels.

Within the state-of-the-art kitchen, equipped exclusively with premium appliances from renowned brands like Siemens, Gaggenau, and Miele, visitors can witness robotic arms expertly preparing gourmet meals. The showroom leverages the latest advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence to underscore the precision and versatility of the system, transporting visitors into a future of cooking characterized by efficiency, elegance, and innovation.

Mark Oleynik, the CEO of Moley Robotics, conveyed his excitement regarding the inauguration, expressing that they were thrilled to open the doors to the world’s first luxury robot kitchen showroom in London. He mentioned that the space was not merely a showcase of their technology but rather an invitation for people to experience firsthand the future of home cooking. Mark Oleynik emphasized that the Moley Robotic Kitchen represented a game-changer, and he believed that the showroom served as the ideal platform to share their vision with the world.

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