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Digital TransformationMarriott Harnesses Emotional Engagement to Enhance Digital Experiences

Marriott Harnesses Emotional Engagement to Enhance Digital Experiences

Marriott International is undergoing a comprehensive digital transformation to elevate the personalization of its customer interactions. In collaboration with Deloitte Digital and Adobe, Marriott has introduced a cloud-based digital content and asset management platform. This platform incorporates an image library that dynamically populates various digital properties, such as Marriott.com and individual property websites, based on the unique profiles and interests of customers, including Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program members. By streamlining the way the hotel company engages with its customers online, Marriott aims to create more rewarding and inspiring digital experiences.

Sarah Searls, Senior Vice President of Global Digital at Marriott, highlighted the emotional and anticipatory aspects associated with travel, aiming to move beyond mere utility in digital interactions. The initiative involves leveraging the expertise of Deloitte Digital and Adobe to reshape the online experience for customers, instilling a sense of joy, connection, and inspiration. Heather Freeland, Chief Brand Officer for Adobe, emphasized the importance of a streamlined creative process to enable the rapid deployment of assets at scale for a highly personalized online experience.

In addition to enhancing the booking process for Marriott hotels and resorts, the company is revamping its search engine to facilitate a more seamless and tailored experience. By utilizing customer data, behavioral insights, and artificial intelligence, Marriott aims to refine search results based on individual preferences. For instance, customers expressing a preference for luxury properties would see such offerings prioritized in search results. The overarching goal is to leverage technology, AI, and personalized experiences to build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

As part of this digital transformation, Marriott acknowledges the importance of understanding customer behaviors and preferences. Megan Fath, U.S. Chief Design Officer at Deloitte Digital, emphasized that successful digital transformation requires addressing human behavior considerations, urging leaders to focus not just on the technological aspects but also on driving early adoption, excitement, and habit changes among users. The concerted effort by Marriott underscores its commitment to reimagining online interactions, placing a premium on creating a human-centric, inspiring, and connected digital experience for its customers.

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