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AIMicrosoft Continues to Position as A Leader in AI

Microsoft Continues to Position as A Leader in AI

The emerging business frontier is a winner takes all environment. There is an arms race between top corporations. Like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft to identify future trends early and use them for leverage. OpenAI licensed some of its technologies to partners. This would make Microsoft a preferred commercialization partner. In 2019, Microsoft invested billions of dollars in the company’s initiatives. With a view to benefitting in future from some of the outcomes some of the findings of the initiative.

Winner takes all

Firstly In November, Microsoft opened up a service that enable its Azure customers to use machine learning models from OpenAI. Back In 2019, Microsoft had invested in OpenAI. OpenAI is an organization that had an initial vision of democratizing access to Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft struck a deal with the company’s directors in order to leverage its research and have access to the technology.

Partnership with OpenAI positions Microsoft cloud infrastructure as a platform for smart artificial intelligence applications. In a similar move, Google invested in Deepmind, another AI company doing research and acquiring expertise in AI technology. Seeing the moves by Google and other enterprise industry competitors, Microsoft has identified the future impact of technologies like AI. GPT-3 technology is already pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI and Microsoft is keen to be at the forefront of this technology.

With the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Microsoft can leverage the data it has collected from enterprise customers. And end users to learn about patterns that can influence the market. It can also gain deep insight into the future needs of the demography of potential customers. And target its marketing efforts in that direction. This gives them a great edge in different aspects of business.

Strategic Positioning (Microsoft Continues Leader AI)

In the last decade, applications of deep neural networks in addition to increasing computational power has led to breakthroughs in AI.In areas like vision, speech, language translation and others we have seen the advantage of AI. Modern AI systems work for specific problems that they have been train to solve. However, for them to be able to use their systems to solve the problems facing the world today, there needs to be deep mastery of multiple technologies.

Part of the tasks of the present CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella is to build consensus around, and drive Microsoft’s venture into AI as a competitive advantage. The company have identified a number of strategic areas of comparative advantage in coding, gaming and healthcare and are poise to capitalize.

A change in vision (Microsoft Continues Leader AI)

Open AI was co-found by Elon Musk, Greg Brockman and Sam Altman. The initial vision of the company was to ensure that a I was to democratize the artificial intelligence. This implies ensuring that the power of AI is not limited to a few corporations. However, Microsoft struck a deal with an initial investment of $1 billion.

Microsoft’s customers like Banks,Insurance companies and the likes use AI for customer service to improve insight into customers preferences and also for fraud prevention. In the world of business, it is nearly impossible to say no to investment offers or offers to monetize services and products. As a result, the Open AI project which was initially meant to be an open-source non-profit project is no longer so.

In the past two years Microsoft has held talks with a view to acquiring some technology companies.For instance, it paid $16 billion to acquire nuance communications. This action positions Microsoft to take on the future of healthcare by taking advantage of artificial intelligence and automation products.

Microsoft Azure OpenAI service

Secondly at the ignite conference in November, Microsoft announced that it will help customers get new experiences with the new AzureOpenAI service. This service allows access to customers to the OpenAI platform.Existing customers will have the security, compliance, data privacy, and other capacities that are built into MicrosoftAzure. So, it uses GPT-3 technology that AI companies use for voice recognition, translation, and all the other capabilities.

The Quest to Democratize Access to AI

Elon Musk attested to the power of artificial intelligence in some of his interviews and conferences. He acknowledges the power and influence that AI can give, saying that it can be misuse. Musk is deeply concern that artificial intelligence, even though it has very good uses. Can also be use for bad for manipulative purposes. The data collect and the ways in which data can give insight into behavior patterns, customer preferences and so on should be use for good. This is part of the reasons OpenAI set out to democratize access to AI.


Finally With artificial intelligence, corporations have been able to make advances in facial recognition, marketing, translation, and others. In the near future, computers would be capable of performing complex tasks. Corporations who have advanced AI capabilities need to use it for the benefit of humanity and see the bigger picture.

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