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NFT TrendsNFT: Crypto Artists in the US

NFT: Crypto Artists in the US


Once NFTs take hold, they’ll have a profound impact on both how art is purchased
and sold, as well as which artists are worth their weight. That’s why Justin Sun, an
influential and well-known Chinese American tech entrepreneur who has invested
millions in NFTs and plan to revolutionize the art market’s current trading model.

Although NFTs were first introduced in 2012, they took nine years to become
widely accepted. However, this year’s surge in popularity for artists and other
industries suggests that there is much room for growth. In this blog post, you can
learn a lot about NFTs by looking at the best NFT artists currently available.

Crypto Artists


NFT Crypto Artists:

  • Beeple:

There are few NFT artists today, but Beeple is one of the most famous. Everyday:
the First 5000 Days, his now-famous NFT collage, auctioned for a mind-boggling
69 million dollars. There are 5,000 digital photos in the piece, which took over a
year to create and post. A nod to the 2020 vice presidential debates in the United
States, his digital exhibit features everything from whimsical giant flies to a simple
but spectacular pixelated Mona Lisa image.

  • Micah Johnson:

Micah Johnson is a Major League Baseball player who is now a well-known and
best NFT artist. His famous work includes photographs depicting a young boy
wearing an astronaut hat and sneakers appearing in Aku: The Moon God. His art
project has sold 1,534 pieces since its debut, each selling for an average price of
$2,244. In Johnson’s NFT work, each piece has a physical counterpart in the form
of a sculpture, making it unique. Aku appears in both The Vault and his most
costly sale, which fetched more than $996,800.

  • Refik Anadol:

Refik Anadol, a Turkish-American artist, is full of movement and vibrant hues. As
one of the top digital NFT artists, his work can be found in prominent locations
like the Portland Building in Oregon and Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
The artist has sold 536 NFTs so far, with an average price of $16,768.

  • Fewocious:

Victor Fewocious is a transgender 18-year-old artist from the United States who
began creating digital art to overcome boredom and feelings of loneliness. He
auctioned his first painting when he was 17 years old, and within a year, he
managed to sell a series of non-objective paintings (NFTs) that brought in more
than $17 million. Mainly, his artwork focuses on capturing photos of his memories
as well as his emotions during growing up

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