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AIOpen Metaverse Foundation: The Future of Collaborative Development in the Meta-Universe

Open Metaverse Foundation: The Future of Collaborative Development in the Meta-Universe

The Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization, has recently announced the creation of the Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF) aimed at building an open-source metaverse platform accessible to everyone. The OMF will provide an inclusive, global, independent, and scalable meta-universe by creating a space for collaborative development of open-source software and standards.

Industry Giants Collaborate to Build OMF

ChainHub Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Futurewei, GenXP, Guangdong Digital Industry Research Institute, Hyperledger Foundation, LF Edge, LF Networking, OpenSDV, Open Voice Network, and Veriken have already joined the development of the OMF. These participants will leverage their expertise in initiatives spanning artificial intelligence, cloud and edge computing, digital assets, transactions, identity, networks, modeling, security, and more.

Organized into Interest Groups

The OMF is organized into interest groups (FIGs) that make decisions on key topics such as users, transactions, digital assets, modeling and virtual worlds, artificial intelligence, networking, security and privacy, and legislation and policy. Within these groups, resources and forums have started up that attract participants from specific areas.

OMF Website and Discord Community Are Live

The Open Metaverse Foundation website and Discord community are already up and running. The Discord community allows developers to collaborate and share ideas, while the website provides an overview of the project, its goals, and its progress.

Open Source Summit North America to Discuss OMF

The Open Source Summit North America event will be held on May 10-12 in Vancouver, where participants will share their ideas about the project. The summit will provide an opportunity to discuss the OMF project and its potential impact on the future of the metaverse.

The Linux Foundation’s vision of a more inclusive, open, and collaborative metaverse will soon be a reality with the launch of the Open Metaverse Foundation. With the collaboration of industry giants and the support of the interest groups, the OMF will provide a platform that allows for the development of open-source software and standards that anyone can access.

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