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AIQuibim Boosts Prostate AI with Industry-Leading Cancer Detection

Quibim Boosts Prostate AI with Industry-Leading Cancer Detection

Quibim, a forefront player in leveraging imaging biomarkers for precision medicine, has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in its AI-driven prostate tool, QP-Prostate, by integrating an enhanced cancer detection capability. The updated product has received the coveted CE marking for the European Union and a UKCA mark for the United Kingdom, signifying its approval for use by clinicians in these pivotal markets.

The genesis of QP-Prostate stems from the escalating challenge faced by radiology departments in managing the burgeoning influx of advanced medical imagery associated with prostate cancer. This innovative AI tool stands out by streamlining image processing, augmenting radiologists’ accuracy in discerning cancer indicators, and furnishing oncology departments with actionable data. What sets QP-Prostate apart is its utilization of AI algorithms trained on pathology data, positioning it as a distinctive solution in the market.

A pivotal international study has validated QP-Prostate, showcasing an impressive 88% accuracy in efficiently segmenting imagery of the prostate gland. Importantly, this achievement doesn’t compromise on the quality of results. The tool’s capabilities extend to segmenting key subregions and zones, calculating prostate volume, aiding in prostate-specific antigen density calculations, and facilitating fusion biopsy planning.

What marks a significant milestone in the latest update is the incorporation of AI-driven lesion detection based on algorithms trained with post-biopsy pathology data. This pioneering approach, a first in the industry, is poised to elevate diagnostic accuracy, placing a strong emphasis on high specificity while concurrently reducing reporting times. The shift towards leveraging pathology data for training and validating the algorithm is a strategic move that Quibim believes will yield tangible real-life results in the near future.

Dr. Angel Alberich Bayarri, the Founder and CEO of Quibim, expressed the company’s unwavering commitment to advancing its products in line with scientific and health industry progress. The aim is to collaboratively work with radiologists to enhance early-stage care for patients with suspected or confirmed prostate cancer—an unfortunate demographic that is rapidly expanding in many countries.

David Bazaga, Product Manager for QP-Prostate, emphasized the critical nature of using pathology data for algorithm training and validation. The anticipation is that these advancements will translate into tangible, real-world improvements in the foreseeable future. Quibim’s strides in integrating cutting-edge technology into healthcare solutions underscore its dedication to ushering in a new era of precision medicine and diagnostic excellence.

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