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HackedResearcher Successfully Hacks Vision Pro Headset on Launch Day

Researcher Successfully Hacks Vision Pro Headset on Launch Day

Device Vulnerability Exposed

On February 3, 2024, researcher Joseph Ravichandran, known as Oxjprx, revealed that he managed to hack into the Vision Pro headset practically on the day of its launch.

Security Breach Unveiled

Oxjprx claimed to have gained access to the core of the operating system and provided screenshots from the compromised headset. Interestingly, in the event of a device failure, the headset switches to pass-through mode, displaying a warning to remove the device from the head within 30 seconds for a proper reboot.

Potential Implications for Jailbreaking

Oxjprx’s findings might spark interest from jailbreak developers looking to explore vulnerabilities in the Vision Pro in the near future. The ability to breach the device’s core raises concerns about its overall security.

Unique Operating System Identifier: xrOS

Notably, the operating system is identified as xrOS in the code, deviating from the expected visionOS 1.0. This revelation may lead to further investigations into the unique aspects of the headset’s software.

Apple’s Restriction on Terminology

Earlier, Apple imposed restrictions on developers, prohibiting mentions of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and extended reality (XR) in the names of their applications for Vision Pro. Instead, developers are mandated to refer to the headset as a spatial computing device.

Firmware Recovery Process Similar to Other Apple Devices

It was previously reported that the mixed reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, features a firmware recovery process similar to that of Apple Watch and Apple TV. If the gadget’s firmware becomes corrupted during software updates, users can restore it using an iPhone.

This incident raises questions about the robustness of Apple’s security measures for its highly anticipated mixed reality device. The revelation of vulnerabilities on the launch day underscores the ongoing challenges in ensuring the integrity of advanced technology products. As developers and security experts assess the implications, users await updates and potential fixes to address these newfound concerns.

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