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BlockchainRome Future Week in collaboration with LutinX launch "Future Explores"

Rome Future Week in collaboration with LutinX launch “Future Explores”

Rome Future Week, in collaboration with LutinX, selects 300 young people aged 18 to 30, already professionals or seeking employment, who want to train and acquire the first digital skills certification badge. The badge can be used on their personal Linkedin profile, effectively becoming a multiplier of opportunities!

Rome Future Week is the major event that will take place in the capital from Monday, Sept. 11 to Sunday, Sept. 17, and will see 290 events spread across 200 different locations in the city projecting the Eternal City into the future.

Ambassadors and businesses, public administrations and universities. Innovations, future challenges, sustainable mobility, entertainment and inclusion will be among the various topics of discussion at the various meetings and events throughout the city. These include the one at the Gazometro Eni in Ostiense in which 15 under startups will present projects to improve Rome or the one at the Palladium in which Artificial Intelligence will be put into “discussion.” The event, as the organizers make known, is not a challenge to Milan and Digital Week but is proof that in Rome the technologies and the look to the future are there and can be realized.

Events will be scattered throughout the Capital, but the event’s headquarters will be the CTE – House of Emerging Technologies inside Tiburtina Station. Other small CTEs will also be present in the Roman suburbs from Tor Bella Monaca to Corviale.

As Councillor for Security Policies, Productive Activities and Equal Opportunities Monica Lucarelli explains, “The event is in line with the direction suggested by Europe on the theme of innovation. The future has always been an integral part of Rome since its beginnings, and we could not say no to this initiative that chronicles technological, social and cultural innovation by connecting ideas and people.”

Admission to the events is free and it will be enough to go to the Rome Future Week website to study the full calendar and choose which event to attend. Users can base their choices by following their interests and getting advice from the AI or from exceptional guides such as ambassadors, speakers and stakeholders

One of the highly anticipated projects on the program is undoubtedly Future Explorers, one of the first decentralized blockchain certification projects, organized by Rome Future Week in collaboration with LutinX, a multinational company at the forefront of blockchain and Artificial Intelligence that offers innovative solutions for skills certifications.

LutinX, founded by engineer Alessandro Civati, is a leading platform in the use of blockchain technology for ‘education and data verification. LutinX’s corebusiness is lifelong learning, to be encouraged and celebrated as a means to improve people’s lives. Through its structure and design, LutinX enables different blockchains to communicate with each other and exchange data reliably across a shared network, facilitating the creation and connection of decentralized applications and services and institutions.

In an increasingly digital world, protecting and verifying the integrity and veracity of data has become a priority for organizations and individuals. Currently, thanks to blockchain technology, new opportunities are opening up to manage and track personal and professional skills and goals easily and efficiently. Here are elements of the resume can be managed and verified in one place, enabling individuals and organizations to create an accurate resume and confirm their qualifications. Using blockchain technology for skills management and data verification can help create a more transparent and meritocratic world, where opportunities are offered based on people’s actual capabilities, not just on the basis of a score or a resume.

© LutinX

LutinX aims to become the world’s leading repository for individuals’ credentials and skills, becoming a trusted source for global human capital verification. The “Booklet” is one of the most exciting digital tools, based on blockchain technology and designed to collect, synthesize and witness the diverse learning and life experiences of citizens. The Booklet keeps track of school and work experiences and skills acquired. The Notebook Format chosen by LutinX is based on a proven track record of use already in several Italian regions. The benefits of using the Libretto are numerous, particularly for workers in employment crisis and for every citizen.

LutinX is an excellent digital platform based on blockchain technology, designed to simplify the creation, sharing and verification of academic and professional documents. Through LutinX, you can save up to 90 percent of the time it takes to process documents and up to 94 percent of processing costs, as well as offer advanced security against digital credential fraud. The platform is easy to set up and use, and the credentials generated can be verified worldwide via smartphone.

Are you ready to blockchain verify your skills and enter the future ?

Sign up for the project for free by filling out a form, and if you are selected, you will be able to participate in Future Days at the House of Emerging Technologies, listening to experts, professionals and managers talk about the future. If you are present for at least 3 half-days, you can get a digital badge dedicated to you.

Why should you attend?

  • You learn from the best
  • It’s all free
  • Expand your network
  • Get a digital certification

Apply now and become an explorer of the future

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