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CryptosSolana and Avalanche Tokens Experience Decline Amid Bitcoin's $38K Support Concerns

Solana and Avalanche Tokens Experience Decline Amid Bitcoin’s $38K Support Concerns

The cryptocurrency market has experienced significant declines, affecting major tokens such as Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX). The primary cause of this downturn is linked to institutional sales associated with recently launched exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency, has also seen a drop of more than 20% for some tokens in the past week.

SOL in Bearish Territory: Solana Faces Market Downtrend
The current market conditions for SOL (Solana) appear grim, with the cryptocurrency declining faster than many of its counterparts. Data from Crypto News Flash reveals a 24-hour drop of 7%, bringing SOL’s price down to $80.51. Weekly losses have surpassed 12%, indicating a persistent sell-off trend.
Despite a remarkable performance over the past year, reaching a yearly high of $125.19, concerns arise as SOL faces a nearly 700% year-on-year (YoY) growth reversal in 2023. The once buoyant Solana bubble has burst, prompting long-term investors to capitalize on profit-taking opportunities.

AVAX in Bearish Territory: The Challenges Facing Avalanche
Avalanche (AVAX), another prominent cryptocurrency, has encountered a challenging market environment. Recent data from Artemis presents a concerning outlook for Avalanche’s C-Chain, indicating a substantial drop in demand over the past month. Unique wallet addresses in on-chain transactions on the C-Chain have plummeted by over 45% within this 30-day period.
The consequences of reduced user participation on the C-Chain are evident in transaction counts. With only 266,820 transactions completed in the past month, the daily transaction count has plummeted by 95%.
Decentralized exchanges (DEXes) hosted on the Avalanche blockchain network have not escaped the downturn. The total transaction volume through these DEXes has decreased by 53% in the past month, reflecting broader hesitancy among users to engage with decentralized financial instruments on the network.

Market Ambiguity: Navigating Investor Sentiment
The recent market performance of both SOL and AVAX reflects the prevailing uncertainty in the cryptocurrency space. Despite previous impressive growth trends, the current bearish sentiment indicates a shift in investor outlook.
This impact extends to meme coins within the Solana ecosystem, including BONK, facing a 10% decrease, and JOE, the token of Avalanche-based decentralized exchange Trader Joe, which has dipped by 12%. These tokens now contend with heightened selling pressure as investors adopt a more cautious stance in the uncertain market environment.

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