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AIStellantis Integrates Startup's AI Tech into Vehicle Software

Stellantis Integrates Startup’s AI Tech into Vehicle Software

Stellantis NV has recently completed the acquisition of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, along with associated intellectual property rights and patents, from the U.K.-based company CloudMade. While specific financial details of the transaction were not disclosed, Stellantis has confirmed that the deal includes the onboarding of 44 AI engineers and software developers from CloudMade.

This strategic acquisition is poised to significantly enhance Stellantis’ in-vehicle experience, particularly through the development of the STLA SmartCockpit platform. The integration of CloudMade’s AI-powered framework is expected to revolutionize user experiences in Stellantis vehicles, with the first deployments anticipated to roll out later this year. By 2030, Stellantis aims to achieve an impressive annual revenue of nearly $22 billion (20 billion euros) from software and subscription services.

CloudMade’s expertise in leveraging AI technology to analyze automotive data sets has been instrumental in driving advancements in user experiences within the automotive industry over the past decade. Stellantis recognizes CloudMade’s AI-powered framework as a leader in cloud and software development kits tailored for automotive applications.

The acquired technology is projected to enable various enhancements, including predictive vehicle maintenance and diagnostics, personalized climate control settings, driving coaching features, a Stellantis-specific voice assistant, advanced navigation capabilities, and streamlined fleet management solutions. Importantly, bringing the AI training models in-house also serves to mitigate data privacy risks, a key priority for Stellantis and its customers.

Yves Bonnefont, Stellantis’ Chief Software Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, emphasizing its potential to accelerate the development of intelligent mobility solutions and deliver unparalleled levels of personalization in both in-vehicle and mobile experiences. The integration of CloudMade’s technology underscores Stellantis’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in an increasingly digitized automotive landscape.

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