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Finance-DEFISteps to a Successful Investment Journey

Steps to a Successful Investment Journey

So, do you desire to be a better investor? Or do you want to know how to get more juicy returns on successful investments? There are two major aspects to being a better investor. These are Investment Returns and Investor Behavior. Of these, you can control your behavior.

No need for Complications

Your investments don’t need to be complicated. Having investment accounts in too many places makes
things difficult. Identify an independent custodian where you can easily hold your investments in one
place. By making use of technology, you can easily check your portfolio many times a day. This is not
necessary unless you are actively trading on a regular basis. You don’t need to check your accounts too

Successful Investment
Successful Investment

When you seek more information about a new topic you need to dedicate time and resources to find out
about it. Also, you may need to pay for the information. Money does not grow on trees, but you need to
learn how to plant your own money tree. When you do this the money will follow.

Put Curiosity First

When you put curiosity first money will follow. The alternative is to rely on willpower. Those who rely on
willpower discover that they are dissipating energy and achieving little. Eventually, they may not have the
staying power when they inevitably meet obstacles. Money and investing are topics that most schools do
not teach. It is worth spending the time now and taking the pain to educate yourself. Self-education is
more important now than ever.

Here are seven ways you can learn more about investing.

  1. Watch investing videos on YouTube
  2. Find an investing course on Teachable
  3. Read an investing book
  4. Join a local investing group, some may even be online
  5. Go to a local bookstore
  6. Buy an investing magazine
  7. Go to lunch or coffee with someone smarter than you and pick their brain

These are all actionable steps that you can take. It is worth the trouble. It is much better than spending
time on Netflix. This streaming service takes money from you, but the plan is for more money to come to
you. Sometimes you need to put in the work before the money comes to you. It’s not always an easy

You may have heard the phrase about a broken clock being right twice a day. When the market has a great
run, it is easy to believe that you are a great investor. Or you have a knack for picking great Successful Investment, Tread carefully because the bigger your ego, the bigger the crash hits when the market crashes

Final Thoughts

Financial education is neither cheap now is it is well worth it. You will get returns on what you learn
and you can make better decisions. You can teach others what you have learned. Many believe they have
to be experts before they can roll out courses or coach people. This is far from the truth period. Successful Investment. As long as you are a step ahead of someone, you can assist the person. Many people are looking for people with whom they can relate. By sharing your journey, you would be surprised there are many people out there just like you.

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