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BlockchainTakamaka: NFT and perpetual data archiving

Takamaka: NFT and perpetual data archiving

Migrating contracts from Ethereum

Not enough is said about it yet, but together with the programming, which is completely Java, the possibility of migrating contracts from Ethereum, thanks to the innovative Hotmoka, and the speed of transactions scalable in the millions, Takamaka demonstrates its full usefulness in counteracting censorship, allowing digital content and files of any kind to be uploaded and stored on its permanent storage network, without authorisation.

Takamaka appears to be the solution to the most famous and popular blockchain such as Bitcoin and Etherum, which in fact have no space in chained blocks, expensive and scalable if used to store any type of data

While BitTorrent relied on requested content hosted on local servers, Takamaka’s IPFS protocol also offers a fully decentralised system, allowing nodes in the network to store digital data, offering an effective method to control monopolies and censorship and a robust component to store data and information, providing a useful infrastructure for Web3 and the decentralised internet.

When a file is added to IPFS, it creates a hash of content-addressable data, also known as a Content-Identifier (CID), allowing anyone to query the file based on its content and ensure that what it receives is valid and undamaged.

According to the study “Losing My Revolution: How Many Resources Shared on Social Media Have Been Lost?” It seems that the permanence of available and retrievable data in web storages is a problem over time.

To date, one third of all social media links are interrupted and an increasing number of shared resources are not available on the web or in public web archives.


Although many NFTs use fully decentralised technology and the tokens with which the art is paid are stored on the blockchain, chain storage storage of large digital files, such as an image or drawing for example, is stored on external storage and ‘pointed’ (as a reference to the data) through IPFS.

You will be amazed to learn that many NFTs use a centralised storage location, often using an IPFS that acts as a decentralised router to direct the user to data on storage, which however can easily disappear because the data suddenly no longer exists, because it is corrupt or no longer valid.

The NFT are therefore more centralised than collectors think and it all opens up scenarios to reflect on, since if it is true that art “belongs to me”, the line that divides possession from property is really thin.

So, whose property is it?


We wrote that takamaka is a blockchain technology, a complete suite ready to release fully programmable contracts on Java, equivalent to Ethereum’s ERC20 and ERC721, fast and scalable,capable of supporting the storage of documents as digital files, of any nature (from music, to images, to PDFs) and much more.

Takamaka is also a storage that supports the storage of data in perpetuity, guaranteeing a form of immutability that is not eroded over time, placing itself already in the WEB3 range, capable of guaranteeing access to digital files properly stored and packaged, ready to encode NFT Java contracts executed with Hotmoka (TAKAMAKA).

Although at first glance Takamaka looks like the ‘usual’ blockchain, it is not quite so!

As such, the blockchain presents itself not only for use cases related to intellectual property, but also for emerging solutions such as NFT and perpetual data storage.

Takamaka offers inexpensive storage that permanently stores data on the blockchain, making it an excellent solution also for NFT storage, plus it offers a unique solution for decentralised, permanent, censorship-resistant and immutable web storage, where you pay and upload only once!

Of course, there are other cryptographic projects that were created exclusively to offer storage space, but unlike these, Takamaka blockchain natively offers a complete suite for programming and deploying smart contracts, providing developers and companies with tools to create solutions, opportunities and new business spaces.

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