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FoodTechnological Advancements: The Rise of Personalized Nutrition

Technological Advancements: The Rise of Personalized Nutrition

Increasing consumer awareness about nutrition is driving the demand for personalized nutrition solutions. These solutions encompass diets based on nutrigenomics and cater to individual preferences such as sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan diets, and clean-label food products. Technological advancements, including 3D printing and the integration of robotics into food production lines, enable manufacturers to offer personalized nutrition on a large scale.

At-home blood and urine testing kits empower consumers to identify dietary choices aligned with their genetic profiles. Tracking devices further enable users to monitor their diets and health conditions, streamlining nutritional choices. This level of customization enhances customer convenience and boosts sales. Ongoing research and development efforts continuously expand the range of personalized nutrition offerings, ensuring consumers have access to dietary options that suit their needs.

Genetically Personalized Meal-Shakes by NGX
British startup NGX specializes in genetically personalized meal shakes. The company provides at-home DNA nutrition tests and tailors nutrition intake based on individual test results. NGX’s plant-based breakfast and snack shakes contain 30 essential nutrients, including valine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, and more.

Additionally, NGX’s products have minimal calories, fat, and carbohydrate content, with zero added sugars. These meal shakes enable customers to achieve their fitness goals more efficiently and lead healthier lives.

Online Precision Nutrition Platform by Mefood Omics
French startup Mefood Omics develops an online precision nutrition platform for nutrition professionals. Combining nutrigenetics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the platform designs personalized dietary plans and monitors patients. Patients can use the platform to create appointments, track billing, and support diet customization and dynamic patient tracking.

Mefood Omics also offers a nutrigenetic test that syncs with patient profiles, integrating nutrigenetic information as the final layer of personalization in generating diet plans. This approach allows nutrition professionals and patients to leverage data-driven eating habits tailored to patient-specific diet goals.

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