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AIThe Global Blockchain Service Infrastructure (GBSI) by Lutinx Inc.: Key Components and...

The Global Blockchain Service Infrastructure (GBSI) by Lutinx Inc.: Key Components and Features

GBSI stands for “Global Blockchain Service Infrastructure.” It is a project promoted by Lutinx Inc. that aims to leverage blockchain technology to facilitate the creation of cross-border services for enterprises, public administrations, and their ecosystems. GBSI focuses on making information easy to archive and verify worldwide. The project involves the deployment of a network of distributed nodes across Europe and West Africa to support various applications related to specific use cases.

Key Components and Features of GBSI:

  1. Verifiable Credentials:
    • GBSI employs the use of verifiable credentials to ensure the authenticity of documents and information shared online.
    • The project addresses the challenge of verifying data authenticity, aiming to reduce the time and cost of verification.
  2. LutinX L.iD:
    • LutinX has developed a native KYC (Know Your Customer) platform named LutinX L.iD.
    • The KYC platform is based on AI and Machine Learning technologies, and it incorporates financial rules in compliance with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations.
    • LutinX L.iD performs similarity and liveness checks to verify the identity of individuals holding the ID.
  3. Verifiable Digital Credentials:
    • GBSI issues verifiable digital credentials that are fully verifiable and not modifiable.
    • The technology tokenizes relevant pieces of information, such as the owner’s identity, data, and date, within the hash of digital badges, notarized documents, timestamps, etc.
    • These credentials are applicable and valid for institutions, companies, and citizens worldwide, adhering to the same rules and benefits.
  4. The BOOKLET©:
    • GBSI integrates a feature called the BOOKLET© at the native level for every user.
    • The BOOKLET© serves as a common place for community members to store personal and sensitive data for various purposes.
    • It is proposed for educational credentials, adhering to the EQF (European Qualifications Framework) and USA QF (United States Qualifications Framework), and is being integrated into the qualification regulations of African countries.
    • The BOOKLET© has been verified for use with sports and healthcare data.

Overall, GBSI aims to provide a secure and efficient platform for the issuance, verification, and storage of digital credentials, making information accessible and trustworthy across borders. The project emphasizes compliance with international privacy regulations and aims to offer benefits to institutions, companies, and individuals globally.

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