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Green TechnologyThe innovation startup world

The innovation startup world


The term “startup” refers to organisations formed to develop innovations in recognisable and investable forms with the intent of having a significant effect on the current marketplace. Including the word “innovation” in this definition is no coincidence; startups must be innovative to make waves in their respective industries, especially those in the technology industry. Below is the list of six technology startups putting their creative thinking to work to save the world, whether by keeping the world or helping people all over the world. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the innovation startup world.

Too Good To Go

Meanwhile, Too Good To Go is the biggest B2C store globally for surplus food. Using an app, the food-sharing startup connects restaurants, cafés, grocery stores, bakeries, and suppliers in 14 countries with customers who want to buy food that has passed its best-before date at a lower price. According to some estimates, one-third of all food produced worldwide is thrown away. Too Good To Go is working to reduce food waste in a way that benefits consumers, retailers, and the environment as a whole.

NOW Technologies

Meanwhile,  NOW Technologies has been hard at work developing wheelchair controller devices. And other cutting-edge technology solutions to help people with disabilities gain more independence in their lives. Their mobility products and models are developed in collaboration with healthcare. And rehabilitation professionals and injured and disabled users to create the safest, easiest, and most useful products possible. Their technology is now available in more than 25 countries on four continents, and they are currently developing new smart control systems for powered wheelchairs as part of their ongoing research.


Ibotta compensates users for the products they purchase and the stores they frequent, revolutionising couponing and money-saving through discounts. Users can upload an invoice or link their store account to take payment back on eligible purchases from over 1,500 brands. And retailers using its free digitised cashback app. Ibotta has refunded over $1 billion to users over the last 7 years. And over 35 million people have downloaded the app.


OhmConnect seems to be another company that leverages an app to profit both the environment and people. The firm gives energy management solutions through smart metre analytics to address the issue of sustainable energy. Users register and connect Ohmconnect to their Wi-Fi thermostats, electric vehicles, and other connected devices. Once connected, the system recommends when and how to conserve energy automatically.

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