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Data AnalyticsThe Top 5 Business Analytics Tools Employed by Major Tech Corporations

The Top 5 Business Analytics Tools Employed by Major Tech Corporations

Business analytics tools play a crucial role in collecting, organizing, visualizing, and analyzing data from various business operations. This enables the identification of trends and patterns, facilitating decision-making based on actionable insights.

Professionals in this field utilize business analytics tools to review and analyze data, leading to more informed decision-making. Numerous emerging business analytics tools, employed by both major tech companies and startups globally, provide seamless solutions to assist enterprises in extracting actionable insights from their data.

Here, we’ll explore the top 5 business analytics tools used by prominent tech entities to enhance efficiency, optimize processes, and focus on revenue growth:

  1. Sisense: A widely used business analyst software with powerful text analysis functionalities, Sisense enables users to transform unstructured text into insightful business data. Its platform encourages data-driven decisions and enhances trend forecasting.
  2. Microsoft Excel: A widely popular data analytics tool, Microsoft Excel is utilized daily by businesses for tasks such as sharing workbooks, real-time collaboration, and direct data downloading from images to Excel.
  3. Domo: The Domo Business Cloud, a low-code data app platform, enhances business intelligence potential by aggregating and utilizing data across various business processes and workflows.
  4. Splunk: Widely utilized in small and medium-scale industries, Splunk initially handled machine log files but has evolved to offer advanced capabilities, including an intuitive online interface and diverse visualization options.
  5. KNIME: A groundbreaking business analytics tool that supports various machine learning and data mining components, offering persistent analysis, visual programming, and seamless business analytics reports through a novel data-pipelining approach.
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