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Women In BlockchainTrailblazing Women: 15 Influential Figures Driving the Evolution of Blockchain Technology

Trailblazing Women: 15 Influential Figures Driving the Evolution of Blockchain Technology

It’s wonderful to see the recognition and celebration of these inspirational women in the blockchain space. Each of them has made significant contributions to the industry, showcasing leadership, innovation, and dedication. Here’s a brief summary of the mentioned women:

1. Barbara Bickham:

   – Founder and Managing Partner at Trailyn VC.

   – Host of the Female VC Lab podcast.

2. Camila Russo:

   – Founder of The Defiant, focusing on DeFi education and news.

   – Author of “The Infinite Machine” detailing Ethereum’s creation.

3. Cleve Mesidor:

   – Executive Director at Blockchain Foundation.

   – Founder of the National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain.

4. Genevieve Leveille:

   – Founder and CEO at AgriLedger.

   – Leader in digital identity and financial supply chain optimization.

5. Kamala Alcantara:

   – Host of the “Women Who Web3” podcast for CoinDesk.

6. Laura Shin:

   – Crypto journalist, host of “Unchained” podcast.

   – Author of “The Cryptopians.”

7. Lauren Ingram:

   – Founder of Women of Web3.

   – Web3 consultant, marketing consultant, and speaker.

8. Maliha Abidi:

   – Founder and creator of Women Rise (NFT art collection and Web3 initiative).

9. Melanie Cutlan:

   – Managing Director, Metaverse Technology Capabilities Lead at Accenture.

10. Oluchi Enebeli:

    – Founder of Web3Ladies, Nigeria’s first female blockchain engineer.

11. Sheila Warren:

    – CEO at Crypto Council for Innovation.

    – Co-host of CoinDesk’s Money Reimagined Podcast.

12. Sandra Ro:

    – CEO at Global Blockchain Business Council.

13. Sophia Lopez:

    – Founder at Kaleido, playing a crucial role in shaping the blockchain community.

14.Ryan Rugg:

    – Head of Digital Assets at Citibank’s TTS business.

15. Úrsula O’Kuinghttons:

    – Director of Communications and Partnerships at Web3 Foundation.These women contribute to diverse aspects of the blockchain ecosystem, from technology and entrepreneurship to education and advocacy. Their achievements are inspiring and pave the way for more inclusivity and diversity in the industry.

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