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Data AnalyticsWhat’s The Fuss About Big Data Analytics?

What’s The Fuss About Big Data Analytics?

What is the excitement about Big Data, anyway? Why are businesses falling over one another to implement Big Data technologies into their organizations? The concept of analytics has been around for years. But big data became popular in the early 2000s. Organizations collect data from different sources. In time past, storing a large amount of data would have been expensive, but with the widespread use of data lakes and the cloud, the cost is less.

Big data analytics brings new benefits to the table in form of speed and efficiency. Businesses gather information and analyze them for insights to make immediate decisions. This ability to move fast and stay agile gives a competitive edge to organizations which did not have such advantage in the past.

big data analytics
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What’s the Fuss About Big Data Analytics?

So, Big data analytics allows organizations to take their data and use it to identify new opportunities. This leads to smarter business moves and more efficient operations, which results in better profit margins. In a recent survey, it was discovered that businesses who used big data got value in cost reduction. They also got better at decision-making and producing innovative products and services.

Cost Reduction

Data technologies bring significant advantages in cost efficiency. Particularly when large amounts of data are involved. Besides, companies can identify more efficient ways of doing business.

Better Decision-making

With the use of tools and the ability to analyze unique new sources of data, businesses are able to make decisions. So, Based on information they’ve gathered from different sources; they can use in-memory analytics.

New Products and Services

Ability to measure customer satisfaction gives organizations the power to deliver better service. When customers are able to get the products that meets their needs better this improves satisfaction and loyalty.

Key Technologies in Big Data Analytics

When it comes to big data analytics no single technology encompasses a double. In reality several types of technology work together to help you get the most value from your information. The key technologies involved are:

Machine learning

So, This is a specific subset of AI that trains machines on how to learn. It makes it possible to quickly produce models that can analyze more complex data and deliver fast and accurate results. It can be used on a large scale. By building the right models, organizations have a better chance of identifying profitable opportunities and avoiding risks.

Data mining

Data mining helps to examine large amounts of data and discover patterns. Such information is useful in further analysis to answer complex questions. You can sift through the noise and figure out the patterns. This information is used to assess likely outcomes and accelerate the pace of decision-making.

Predictive analytics

Meanwhile, This technology uses a combination of data algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future occurrence based on historical data. It focuses on providing the best assessment that will on what will happen in future.

This makes organizations more confident in the fact that they are making the best possible decisions. Some of the most common areas where predictive analytics has been successful include fraud detection, operations, and risk measurement.

Data Cleaning

Before data can be reliably analyzed, it needs to go through a process of cleaning to ensure that the data is of high quality. With constant data flowing in and out of organizations, it is important to establish processes. These processes build and maintain quality standards for the data collected.

As soon as that aspect is reliable, the organization can go ahead to establish a data management program. The purpose of this program is to get the entire enterprise on the same page.

This is very important because as soon as your entire organization is on the same page with data quality, in no time your results will be evident. You would collect high-quality data and get actionable insight. With this, you have advantage over the competition. For many businesses, this is the difference between struggling and thriving.

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