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CryptosWomen in Tech: Crypto market is no longer a Men-only Business

Women in Tech: Crypto market is no longer a Men-only Business


A sizable proportion of women believe that financial freedom is critical to their well-being. When we look at the cryptocurrency sector today, we see that women make up a sizable portion of the community. Female artists, investors, and collectors are increasingly adopting Bitcoin and NFTs, thereby bridging the gender divide. The crypto sector provides women with a new avenue for engagement in a way that neither technology nor any other industry has before offered. Nobody is preventing women from investing in cryptocurrency; nonetheless, little has been done to promote them until recently. Let’s take a deep look at how the crypto market is no longer a Men-only Business.

Crypto is no longer a ‘Men’s club.’

The year 2021 was a defining moment for the crypto realm globally. After a lengthy period of stability, we have seen a steady increase in the number of female investors entering the market. CoinSwitch Kuber, a cryptocurrency platform, saw a stunning 1,000 percent rise in female user registrations over the last year. Globally, more women are showing interest in this new asset class. According to a Grayscale survey, women are more ready to make investment choices based on the asset class’s education. Interestingly, 93% of women said they would be more receptive to investing in bitcoin if they were better informed about the subject.

Women in Tech: Crypto market is no longer a Men-only Business

In a nutshell, Bitcoin is not exclusively for men. Consider Uma, a CoinSwitch Kuber user; she states that cryptocurrency was her first investment. Chaitra, another cryptocurrency investor, believes that her bitcoin investments aided her in repaying her university loans. These testimonials demonstrate that more modern women are becoming interested in cryptocurrencies.

Why are women more proficient at investing in cryptocurrencies?

Two unique factors contribute to women being better cryptocurrency investors.

To begin, women are savers – according to a survey conducted by Fidelity Investments, women save approximately 8.3 percent of their income (men save only 7.9 percent of their income). Women with higher money have the ability to expand their investments into high-return assets such as cryptocurrencies.

Secondly, females are more effective entrepreneurs – Women are more adept at assessing risks in practically any situation and mitigating them to the greatest extent possible. According to Merrill Lynch research, women investors consider risks before investing in an asset class. As a result, female investors can be more analytical when it comes to investing. While investing in a volatile market like cryptocurrency, their caution nudges them toward making the correct choice.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, Cryptocurrency platforms are seeing more women investors join their platforms, but women still make up less than half of the crypto community. Platforms like CoinSwitch Kuber are trying to make crypto available to everyone, no matter what their gender is. The fact that crypto doesn’t require anyone to get permission from a third party makes it a powerful tool that can make the world more financially inclusive and close the gender gap in business.

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