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Tech NewsWomen in Tech: WomenTech Global Conference 2022

Women in Tech: WomenTech Global Conference 2022


Allies and women in tech from around the world can join the virtual conference through an interactive platform. That includes live ceremonies, presentations, participating panels, and flexible meetings. There will also be sessions for leaders of countries, chapters, technical workshops, and networking opportunities with face-to-face meetings.

However, this post will inform you about the WomenTech Global Conference 2022 (Virtual Event). And for this year’s conference, the theme is evolving to include Technology Leadership. Tech Innovation, Career Growth, and how we can all contribute to making an effect and change the future of technology.

WomenTech Global Conference 2022

About WomenTech Global Conference 2022 Event

From June 7th to June 10th, the Women in Tech Global Conference 2022 hosted by WomenTech Network. The largest virtual conference for women, minorities, and their allies in technology. There will be 100,000 women worldwide attending this event, which aims to bring them together once again.

There will be a focus on Technology Leadership, Technology Innovation, and Career Development at this year’s conference. In addition, three virtual and one hybrid summits will be held across North America and Europe to address different issues.

About 5800 WomenTech Network Ambassadors from 172 countries and more than 500 speakers. From all over the world will participate in this event, highlighting tech specialists and industry inventors. There will also be the most prominent women tech speakers attending this event.

So, The WomenTech Global Conference will conduct a whole week of regular live events that can occur across several different time zones. With keynotes that inspire, summits focused on specific industries, sponsor info classes. Career advancement expos, workshops, open-space group discussions, donations sprints, networking events. And interactive community content, WTGC will provide participants with a robust conference experience.


No doubt, it’s an excellent opportunity for women in the tech industry to learn about the latest technology and expand their horizons by attending the WomenTech Global Conference, whether you’re a software engineer, a product manager, a data scientist, or a business manager (WTGC). Connect with women in tech communities worldwide to create a more robust network, work collaboratively locally and internationally to find new opportunities, and create an impression.

If you’re interested in participating in this event, you can avail your tickets by visiting here. And anyone interested in becoming a member of the WomenTech Network can find information on all global events, news, and updates here.

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