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CryptosYou can now buy land in SHIB Metaverse with Shiba Inu!

You can now buy land in SHIB Metaverse with Shiba Inu!

A new feature has been added to the SHIB coin by its developers, which allows users of the SHIB token to acquire land in the SHIB metaverse.
A popular memecoin, Shiba Inu (SHIB) coin owners will soon be able to use their crypto to purchase land within the Shiba metaverse, which will be accessible through their cryptocurrency.

The Shiba Inu team announced on Twitter on Wednesday that “SHIB: The Metaverse. ” The freshly released VR project originally known as “SHIB: The Metaverse,” is now taking SHIB tokens in order. To mint parcels of land, as previously announced.

In SHIB: The Metaverse, there are a total of 100,595 plots of land available for purchase. Land purchases were initially made possible solely through the use of ether. Which was the first and only form of payment accepted (ETH).

SHIB Metaverse with Shiba Inu!

The integration of SHIB into the metaverse project provides users with additional customization options for their virtual properties. As well as making the purchase of virtual land more convenient for them.

In addition to earning passive money, Metaverse property owners will be able to harvest in-game materials and award prizes. These advantages have not yet been fully discussed in detail.

SHIB Metaverse Prospects

The SHIB metaverse will consist of a succession of land parcels, which will be delivered in stages. The first stage’s 36,431 plots became accessible on April 13th, according to the developer.

The land was divided into four sections: Silver Fur (0.2 ETH), Gold Tail (0.5 ETH). Platinum Paw (0.5 ETH), Diamond Teeth (0.2 ETH), and so on. The land was divided into four sections: Silver Fur (0.2 ETH), Gold Tail (0.5 ETH), Platinum Paw (0.5 ETH), Diamond Teeth (0.2 ETH) (1.0 ETH).

Several new components have been added to the SHIB ecosystem, including Shiba Swap, a decentralized finance platform, and non-fungible tokens NFTs.

It is anticipated that LEASH and BONE tokens will be added to the SHIB ecosystem as of the development. Of the metaverse project progresses, according to the developers.

LEASH holders who have locked in their LEASH are granted priority access to land bids. Whilst BONE holders are given the ability to vote on subjects that impact the progress of the virtual world.

A public beta test for Shi barium will be available in the coming months, followed by a full public beta test. In the following months after that. As of this writing, SHIB has gained 6 percent in the last 12 hours. Indicating that the stock has made a brief recovery.

Almost seventy-four percent of the coin’s value has been wiped off. Since the coin’s all-time high of $0.0000218 was reached on October 28, 2017. Since its inception on April 23, ShibBurn, a SHIB burning portal, has already removed more than 22.5 billion SHIB from circulation, equivalent to nearly $500,000 in today’s money. A total of around 410.32 trillion SHIB have been burned since the introduction of SHIB, accounting for approximately 41 percent of the total supply.

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